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Welcome Loyalty scheme

Loyalty scheme

Our loyalty scheme in brief

500 €
1000 €
1500 €
2000 €

The principal is simple: the amounts of all your orders are added together. Once this figure reaches €500, you’ll receive a 10% discount on all subsequent orders. If your cumulative total gets to €1000, the discount rises to 15%, and if it reaches the maximum threshold of €2000 euros, you get a massive 25% off. For life. From this point on, you’re at a huge advantage: all your orders are automatically discounted by 25%.

Example: John has placed 6 orders since he registered for the scheme. The total value of these orders is €970. He therefore passes the first threshold of €500 and receives an automatic discount of 10% on subsequent orders. After placing 11 orders, he passes the €2000 threshold. He’ll now benefit from an automatic discount of 25% on all future orders. So instead of paying €340 for his 12th order, he’ll only pay €255, a saving of €85. If he places 6 orders of the same value each year, he’ll save more than €500 a year. That’s unprecedented for a loyalty programme.

Why are we offering such a generous loyalty scheme?

It’s a question we’re often asked by our customers – why is our loyalty programme so favourable? What’s the thinking behind it? Our answer is that we firmly believe our most loyal customers deserve to be rewarded. A genuine relationship of trust has been established: our customers’ loyalty means we’re able to innovate, to spend more time on developing products and producing reader-friendly information. They inspire us and allow us to improve our productivity, and in return, we give them the privileges they deserve. Too often, companies treat new customers more favourably than their existing ones. That will never happen at Supersmart.

Here, our most loyal customers benefit from this exceptional 25% discount in perpetuity, as well as from our two big annual promotions (in January and July), which are open to everyone.

Loyalty scheme rules

The loyalty scheme applies to all products in the Supersmart catalogue.

  • The scheme’s discounts can be added to the 5% permanent discount reserved for suscribers to our newsletter. The maximum discount possible is 30 %.
  • Loyalty scheme discounts cannot be combined with any other existing discount (trade or professional, stock-clearance, special promotions, etc.). The value of sales made on otherwise-discounted products will not count towards loyalty scheme totals.
  • Book and Gift voucher purchases are not included in the loyalty scheme.
  • Acquired discounts remain valid throughout the duration of the loyalty scheme
  • Cumulative totals include only those orders for which payment has been received (for example, in the case of a cheque order, on receipt of the cheque).
  • You cannot progress from one threshold to the next in the same order. For example, when an order results in the cumulative total reaching €1000, the 15% discount rate will only apply to subsequent orders, and only on condition that all previous orders have been paid for.
  • Customers can check their account status (volume of sales and discount levels) by logging in at www.supersmart.com and clicking on ‘My account’ followed by ‘discounts’, or by telephoning 00 44 (0)2 03 49 96 281.
  • Those customers who have qualified for the 25% discount automatically become members of Supersmart’s VIP Club.They receive special advantages, including exclusive private sales.
  • SuperSmart® reserves the right to make changes to or terminate the loyalty scheme at any time. SuperSmart® will make all reasonable efforts to give its customers notice if it decides to end the scheme. SuperSmart® disclaims any responsibility, pecuniary, legal or otherwise, for such modification or termination of the scheme.
  • Amounts spent are calculated with VAT included but excluding postage
  • This loyalty scheme (and calculation of amounts spent) came into force on 8 November 2005

If you have any questions about the scheme, please do not hesitate to telephone or email one of our operators. Contact details can be found at Contact

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© 1997-2023 Supersmart.com®
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