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If you’re looking for a CBD (cannabidiol) supplement look no more: exclusively extracted from hemp, Supersmart offers the very best products for dealing with intractable pain, sleep problems and muscle damage. CBD is a natural compound that mimics the action of endocannabinoid messengers produced by the body, binding to specific receptors located on external cell membranes (receptors CB1 and CB2), and triggering various cell responses such as inhibiting the transmission of small diameter nociceptive fibres (involved in the pain process) and reducing neurotransmitters like substance P.

If you suffer pain on a regular basis, be sure to check out CBD 25 mg, the CBD supplement with the highest content of active principles. The combination CBD + Melatonin is a better choice for promoting relaxation and re-establishing restorative sleep.

CBD + MelatoninCBD + Melatonin

Powerful synergy for deep, natural sleep

49.00 €
4 16 reviews
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CBD 25 mgCBD 25 mg

Natural, powerful analgesic for long-lasting pain relief

69.00 €
4.5 73 reviews
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CBD Oil 6 %CBD Oil 6 %

CBD hemp oil standardised to 6.4% cannabidiol (CBD)

31.00 €
5 24 reviews
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CBD SprayCBD Spray

A CBD supplement in oral spray form for rapid pain relief

67.00 €
0 No reviews
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CBD 6%+ P.E.A.
CBD 6%+ P.E.A.

83.00 €
0 No reviews
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CBD+Melatonin + Pharma GABA
CBD+Melatonin + Pharma GABA

94.00 €
5 1 reviews
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