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Reading is an essential part of staying current on the latest health research in the areas of nutrition, longevity, and lifestyle. Health research is a constantly evolving field, with scientific breakthroughs every year. Most commonly people now find health books online, and at Supersmart, we offer several titles that we believe provide valuable, practical information.

Recent scientific research has revealed that certain dietary supplements are effective for anti-aging and can restore the body’s natural regenerative processes. Our supplements eBook, New Hopes in Anti-Aging and Nutritional Supplements is free for you to download – get the latest information about how you can live a longer, happier, healthier life. For a gift that communicates “I care about you!” Supersmart gift cards are always a good choice!

Ebook : A Practical Guide to Nutritional Supplements Ebook : A Practical Guide to Nutritional Supplements

Find out why taking nutritional supplements, how to choose them, and how to find out which ones are right for you in our ebook: "A Practical Guide to Nutritional Supplements" to download for free..

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Ebook : new hopes in anti-ageing Ebook : new hopes in anti-ageing

Download for free and exclusively our electronic books.

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Your Lifestyle and Good Health

There is no question that lifestyle is one of the greatest factors in maintaining good health and living longer. Common sense tells us that an exercise program is a good idea; not only does it burn calories but improves mood and strengthens muscles. Diet plays a critical role in every aspect of body health.

Avoiding processed foods, choosing to snack on crispy veggies and fruits rather than processed snacks heavily-laden with unhealthy fats, salt, and other unhealthy ingredients can go a long way towards keeping you fit, energetic, and strong. Cycle or walk to work, avoid excessive alcohol intake, and don’t smoke. You may be surprised at how energetic and positive you feel.

Supplements: Why We Need Them

Agri-business has changed how fruits and vegetables are grown. The soil and water have been depleted of many vital minerals. We are exposed to thousands of toxins every day, including plastics, BPA, molds, cleaning products, exhaust from vehicles, and pesticides. Your body has an amazing capacity to deal with toxins – up to a point. Adding the right supplements to your body will keep it functioning at a higher level, dealing with the constant barrage from the environment.

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